Vitamina s.r.l. manufactures and distributes, at a worldwide level, innovative drugs, medical devices, OTC products in the dermatological and cosmeceutical fields. Its technical staff continuously research and innovate products and devices, in cooperation with academic, clinical and pharmaceutical figures. Technical patents, groundbreaking protocols and scientific publications testify Vitamina’s involvement in dermatological and cosmeceutical innovation.

Vitamina products were developed thanks to the vision of an entrepreneur group, combined with an highly specialized team in both dermatological and cosmeceutical fields, with the goal to create a new and effective formulation, with natural active ingredients, suitable for every skin type while maintaining high tolerability and providing long term advantages. Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), natural and essential active ingredient of the patented formulation, restructures and rejuvenates every skin type, improving elasticity and reducing skin spots.

Our experience in dermatologic and cosmeceutical research allows us to provide high quality standards to fulfill our client’s needs.